Roundabout/Rest Area

Hey! Who remembers Free WiFi? I do. Every time I go to Pick Rite I try to find it and log on to it. The results are not stellar. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn’t. Hey, it’s free right? I have a few questions, though:

Who makes sure the Free WiFi is always on, accessible, and useful?

Who maintains it at this degree of excellent operability and usefulness?

Who pays their wages?

Who buys the parts to fix it when it fails?

Who pays for the upgrades as the technology moves forward?

Who owns the tools and the vehicles that the maintenance crews use?

Who buys the gas for those vehicles?

Does the WiFi equipment need electricity? How much? At what cost? Who buys that?

How much money is coming into businesses of Montesano because of the free WiFi?

I have similar questions about the proposed roundabout and rest area projects.

I want to know what additional costs the city will incur as a result of committing to these projects. I also want to know what financial benefit the city will realize as a result of completing these projects.

I don’t want those answers in a private meeting. I want those answers published in a way that everyone can look them over. I want garbage collectors and CPAs and doctors and beauticians to be able to look at the numbers and assess their validity. I want lawyers and grocery clerks, and shingle sawyers to have them presented to them in a way that they can find without having to search for them, and in terms they can understand. This is 2017. Pretty much everybody has the internet in their pocket. Keeping things a secret is for surprise birthday parties, and wrapping presents. Secrets have no place in city government.





The New Merry-Go-Round

New traffic thingy in the south end of town? Where has the hue and cry been for such a boondoggle?

What’s it going to cost?

What will the economic gains be?

How will it impact businesses?

What will it bring the city?

Will anyone benefit from it? Who? Is the contractor doing the construction already a “done deal?” If so, what do we know about them?

How will it affect the businesses closest to it?

Why isn’t all of this published in the local newspaper? Why are these details not being publicly, proactively disseminated?

Why, if all this is known – if it is a “done deal” according to the mayor and city council – hasn’t the public had every bit of it detailed for them?

I may be a crazy old man, but I remember “transparency” being a major bone of contention during the last local election. And this administration was yelling the loudest about transparency.

Let’s see some.


What Is that Mayor Lady Doing?

nick_valentine_by_rosslaye-d9hqaz1Something isn’t right! I have been in to see the mayor of Montesano about three times a week for the last month.   She is NEVER there. Now I know that the lady runs a business where she is all up in everyone’s trouble but isn’t being the mayor a business?

That young feller they hired just doesn’t seem to do much but talk to the employees  the , fire chief, police chief , talk on his phone, work on his other contract business. (Why should he contract with other companies when he is getting paid so much?)   Just cause he can doesn’t mean he should. Neither him nor the office people know where the Mayor is.  I just want to ask about how much that free WiFi is going to cost me when Mr. Rich backs out, why she spent so much more money getting that boy to run the city, why she is buying forest land when she can’t afford  clerks, why she wants to use her state connections to build that park and ride and then be left holding the costly maintenance bag, develop parks when the city is so broke, but hey she is never in her office.

I think by the time we pay for that forest land and then she dumps the wifi on us, and the park and ride, and the soccer fields, that should just about sink us.  Of course she is looking at moving up higher in state government so she won’t be here but us long-time, fixed income residents will be eating dog food to pay for her schemes.

It looks to me like the city council should maybe check on who is really running the city, why the city manager is working for other people while sitting at his city desk, someone should check why he brings that apple laptop to work when the city don’t use them apples,   why they are committing us to pay for these wants of hers, and why no one is trying to rein her in.

Looks like the city residents jumped out of the frying pan and into the fire when they elected her.


And free Wi-Fi

At the end of September there will be a festival in Fleet Park where, in violation of a city ordinance, alcohol will be possessed and consumed. Don’t worry, they’ll only arrest you for violating the law if they don’t like you.

Nobody has mentioned anything official yet, but it’s a fair bet there’ll be free Wi-Fi there, too. Free Wi-Fi will bring Montesano the kind of respect and international fame that requires the pedigree and class of a roadside hotel or tavern.

If we get a pot shop and a rest stop, all we’ll need then is 320 acres of timber that will produce revenue in “12-20 years.” We’ll be unstoppable.

I’m on the edge of my seat.


Who has an Agenda?

Do you have an agenda?

Did you publish that agenda?

Do people plan to gather in your presence based on that agenda?

Maybe you should stick to that agenda.

You know. Honesty, integrity, transparency.

Otherwise people might not think you’re capable of agendas when they’re an important part of your job, and then – just maybe – they’ll decide they should get somebody into your job that can stick to what they say they’re going to do.

If you don’t do what you say you’re going to do often enough, people may decide it’s either because you don’t know how (incompetent) or you’ve decided to say one thing and do something else (dishonest). After a while, it has to be one or the other.

Note: If anyone directly related with land annexation, lynch mobs and character assassination of former mayors, and city sales of land in the last year – year and a half – or so is reading this, please join in the comments. Tom, Steve, Ken, Paul, Andrea, et. al. are all welcome to fill in the blanks. I look forward to a lively discussion.



I just don’t think my new boss Vini understands the ordinances of the City.  Why on earth is she having the great big drinking and fishing party at a City Park?  Doesn’t she know there is an ordinance on the book that says:

10.04.180 Intoxicating liquor prohibited.

It is unlawful to possess a container of any alcoholic beverage, whether opened or unopened, while in any park or in any publicly owned parking area associated with a park. For purposes of this section, “possession” means having a container within one’s immediate reach or control and not secured in a location such as a vehicle’s trunk or storage compartment.

In addition to any other applicable penalty, any person violating this section is guilty of a misdemeanor and upon conviction shall be subject to punishment as provided in Section 1.08.010. (Ord. 1519 §18, 2008).  Isn’t beer intoxicating?

Then why is she disrespecting everyone else that has EVER been involved in Montesano politics and allowing a party at the park with alcohol?  Some of the decent citizens are sick of her decadent lifestyle. They may not have to follow the rules on knob hill, but shouldn’t the Mayor of the city?   I’ll bet she will just hold another secret meeting and get the council to change the ordinance.  She says she owns them so let’s watch.  One of these days someone is going to get REAL mad at her for only representing the “party guys”.




My boss says that she “loves Montesano.”  If that is true then why does she lie to the citizens?  She has told a whopper this time and she is going to get called on it BIG TIME!  I feel so sorry for her because she seems so out of control.  What would make her lie to the public?

Also, she is  running wild, a scatter brain.  Her associates say that she can hardly make a decision, she is late for all of her court cases, lots of mistakes, last minute action, knee jerk reactions, vindictive statements, and blowing procedures; of course no one knows why–but when she resorts to lies to cover up her mistakes, that is when we have to blow the whistle. That free Wifi is another story.  I told the boys we cannot cover for her anymore, not even once more.

I thought she would be different, and I guess she is… just not the way she promised.