I just don’t think my new boss Vini understands the ordinances of the City.  Why on earth is she having the great big drinking and fishing party at a City Park?  Doesn’t she know there is an ordinance on the book that says:

10.04.180 Intoxicating liquor prohibited.

It is unlawful to possess a container of any alcoholic beverage, whether opened or unopened, while in any park or in any publicly owned parking area associated with a park. For purposes of this section, “possession” means having a container within one’s immediate reach or control and not secured in a location such as a vehicle’s trunk or storage compartment.

In addition to any other applicable penalty, any person violating this section is guilty of a misdemeanor and upon conviction shall be subject to punishment as provided in Section 1.08.010. (Ord. 1519 §18, 2008).  Isn’t beer intoxicating?

Then why is she disrespecting everyone else that has EVER been involved in Montesano politics and allowing a party at the park with alcohol?  Some of the decent citizens are sick of her decadent lifestyle. They may not have to follow the rules on knob hill, but shouldn’t the Mayor of the city?   I’ll bet she will just hold another secret meeting and get the council to change the ordinance.  She says she owns them so let’s watch.  One of these days someone is going to get REAL mad at her for only representing the “party guys”.





My boss says that she “loves Montesano.”  If that is true then why does she lie to the citizens?  She has told a whopper this time and she is going to get called on it BIG TIME!  I feel so sorry for her because she seems so out of control.  What would make her lie to the public?

Also, she is  running wild, a scatter brain.  Her associates say that she can hardly make a decision, she is late for all of her court cases, lots of mistakes, last minute action, knee jerk reactions, vindictive statements, and blowing procedures; of course no one knows why–but when she resorts to lies to cover up her mistakes, that is when we have to blow the whistle. That free Wifi is another story.  I told the boys we cannot cover for her anymore, not even once more.

I thought she would be different, and I guess she is… just not the way she promised.

I Am Mad Now by Ryebabe

hissCrazy Old Man made a statement about Hillary stealing from my wonderful boss Vini and I am mad. I have done some research and actually Vini stole the free WiFi idea from Hillary in 2015 when Hillary wanted to put extra money into infrastructure. Now I think Crazy Old Man better apologize. It was Hillary’s idea and not Vini’s. Vini has not had an original idea since she started running for Mayor. First she used an idiotic ex-editor to spread her untruths, and then there was a budding movie director who filmed her every step of the way, and then all of those people she had to pay back for the votes she bought. I think she has had a hard time paying back the people that she promised all that stuff in order to get their votes. Personally, I think Hillary will have the same problem.

Vini said she could never let that young fellow get elected or “things would be worse than ever.” Even though sometimes I get mad at her I know that she just can’t payback all of us. Anyway, just leave her alone. Also, if you could please stop attacking me, I just can’t help myself. Love you Vini.



Guess Who?

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You know that at Cut the Crapola we report strange things that happen anywhere in Grays Harbor. But even we are surprised by the following gossip or truth in the county capitol:

Serial cheater finally kicked out of his house.  I don’t think he will be getting back in any  time soon. Living in a tin box. Mother in-law/bill payer might not take kindly to him  cheating on her daughter again with someone young enough to be his daughter, and fishing off the company pier.

Serial divorcer/run around is going down for the count again.  His ex-wife is exceptionally pretty and smart.  Just goes to show NO CLASS on his part. AGAIN

Serial abuser caught on camera with NOT wife woman while winning big at the                         casino?  Who does that?  Divorce pending.

Serial liar and trouble maker. Health nut wife not around much? 

What do they all have in common?  Come on very easy to answer. Serial unpaid house payments? Serial car loans unpaid? Serial resentment? Anger? Disappointment?    Ding Ding Ding leave your guesses here……   


QuestionWe were sitting around the shop and started wondering about our Mayor. She has said many times and enforces it that ” everything I do is political.”  How could such a political person have such a resume` gap?   On her resume` there is nothing from 1999-2004.  Now we know all about the internship, her problems there and then all about her  and the problems with the attorneys she worked for, but where are those missing years?  Inquiring minds want to know.

If you have any information to share it will be protected and us guys are not going to tell anyone who you are or where it came from. Please feel free to leave a message here or contact us to help us answer this question.  We would ask her but she only communicates with department heads and council.

Naked Politician?

In local elections a young female candidate stripped down and proclaimed herself “the naked politician” for her campaign postcards, causing an outbreak of media interest – and election to the city council (nothing new in Europe where former porn queen Ilona Staller, better known as “Cicciolina,” ran a successful campaign with bare breasts for the Italian national parliament in 1987) (1)

Does anyone think a politician in Grays Harbor would do something like this?

Local politician?










I Loves Me Some Montesano

Today is a guest article from Raymond Meyers.  He recently restored Genes Stop and Go.  He is an excellent writer, and makes one heck of a burger:

Colleen and I graduated in the class of 1975 from Montesano High School. We got married and worked nuclear power plants around the country, finishing our nuclear careers at Hanford. We’ve been to all 50 states. Okay, we drove across the Maine border just to say we’d been there, but I’m still claiming it. We’ve lived in 17 or 18 states. Whenever we try to figure that out it’s a different number.

 We’ve lived in or near Sacramento, San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Phoenix, Minneapolis-St.Paul, Washington D.C., and Seattle – to name a few. In some of those cities, the local paper puts murders and drive-by shootings six or seven pages back in the “Local News” section. Sometimes local murders don’t make the ‘A’ Section, let alone the front page.

 For contrast, the Vidette from last week devoted more than half of the front page to news about Satsop school’s Relay for Life. The top of the page was devoted to something about tourists and the internet.

 Now, we’re back in Montesano. I love it. What’s so great about Montesano? Here’s just a small sample.

 When we bought Gene’s, we had no idea what we were getting into. We hired Steve Crass for a general contractor. Steve and his local team did a phenomenal job of restoring and improving Gene’s Stop & Go. My previous experience with contractors doesn’t even compare. You’d have to have seen the “before and after,” but Gene’s was 62 years old. The building had been maintained and had a few upgrades, but never a major overhaul. When Steve and his team were done, we had new plumbing, new wiring from top to bottom; new floors, new wall coverings, new fixtures; new equipment and a brand new blacktopped lot. We went from being all-electric to gas for the cooking equipment. Cascade Natural Gas came and worked with Steve to make sure everything was up and ready in time for opening day. The galvanized vent hood over the griddle and deep fryer was replaced with stainless steel – Steve and his team did all that – and made sure I had a first-rate fire suppression system. They installed the posts around both sides of the building to reduce the chance of a real “drive through.”

 The City of Montesano improved our drive-up access. Police Chief Vance, city planners and engineers, and the PUD all looked things over, planned it, and made sure it would work – not just for safety and requirements, but for me. They cut away old sidewalk, installed the ramp, and put in a handicapped slope for the sidewalk. They charged us for the cement – nothing for labor. Three city employees got the first three soft serve cones out of the new machines. It only seemed fair.

 Then we opened. Everybody waited patiently while we tried to figure it what we were doing. You came back even after eating my attempt at making fresh-cut French-fries – and those things were NASTY. We didn’t know how much of what to order, and when we ordered enough we lacked refrigerator space to store it all. Ann at Pick-Rite let us use her walk-in refrigerator for overspill while we figured it out. She asked nothing in return.

 Montesano needs some more industry. Montesano needs more jobs and some street repair. Maybe a fresh coat of paint here and there would make things a little nicer to look at. I’ve never been anyplace (and that covers some ground) that doesn’t need more industry, jobs, street repair, or a coat of paint. But the people of Montesano absolutely rock, and all the rest of that stuff moves way down the priority list when you look around at what a wonderful close-knit community this is.

 I loves me some Montesano.