Isn’t She Lovely?

Spring has sprung in Montesano!!!!! Aren’t we lucky to live in such a beautiful town?


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And The Winner Is

april FOOL by Lantaniel

Welcome to our first annual April Fool’s Contest! We’ve compiled a list
of our favorite Fool of the Year candidates. Their all special. Whose
your favorite?

– Guy who hawks Montesano jihadi bus tours after ISIS-related arrest,
thinks he’s funny
– Cowardly internet trolls
– Threat makers
– “Media” legends in their own mind
– Mayor who drop$ a bundle “redecorating” city hall, complains about
– Monte council saviors

– Free Wi Fi fantasy play

– Re-opening whiplash posers- “I’m shutting down this site. No I’mreopening. No now I’m shutting down. Wait. I’m reopening the reopening.Now I’m done. Wait not yet. Reopening again. Now I’m in la laland…”

– City employees surfing sports and porn on on city computers

And the winner is…


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