Lyle Responds

Hello. Big Dog here. Got this response from Lyle. Thought you’d be interested. Mr. Powell writes:

“Thank you very much for  forwarding  me a copy of the comments made by someone without enough integrity to identify himself/herself.    Please read the posts that were forwarded to me:

“So your wife is still getting money from the city & you sit there in Utah spewing this BS? Fun times!

Hey Lyle. You f***ed up buddy. Everyone knows it’s you now 🙂 and you’re saying this shit as your wife is still under contract with the city? In Utah??? Ha ha ha Better hope we can’t prove your wife had anything to do with this or her career is OVER.”

Obviously you are an idiot.  When I left the city limits I did not look back. I enjoyed the council relationship, but unlike you, I can move on.

I met with Vini Samuel and wished her the best, and I meant it.  My wife is working to help her until her replacement is found. I consider your stupid statement a threat and I want you to be very careful how you threaten my wife.  We do not want to be involved with Montesano drama.  Unlike you I have never written anything that I did not sign my real name to.  Leave me and my family out of your idiotic games. Whatever you think you know, you don’t.

I would like to thank Big Dog and Cut The Crapola for offering me an opportunity to respond to your inaccurate comments.  Because you are not man/woman enough to sign your name I can only guess  who you are, but unlike you I won’t make false accusations.  My suggestion to you is get a life of your own, wish the City well and move on to your own life.

Lyle Powell”


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Wrong Again!

Hello. Big Dog here. The Russ Burke case got dismissed. Dude who got fired for insubordination & tried claiming …

So your wife is still getting money from the city & you sit there in Utah spewing this BS? Fun times!

Wrong again Steven: “In an email to The Vidette Samuel also noted that any work done by Powell for the month of January will not be charged to the city.”

Fun times!

New Mayor Wants to Hire New CFO for Big Bucks

Who said this?

“I believe we have at least $200,000 in excess administration costs that can be eliminated. The current council and mayor continue to waste money on administration instead of putting it into parks, streets, sidewalks and more.”

Those are candidate Dan Wood’s words. October 15, 2015 Vidette, McElliott and Wood hope for Monte council seat

Do those “excess administration costs” include hiring a CFO/Director of Economic Development? Starting salary range is $85/7K – 100K DOQ.

A few mouse clicks and google turned up this notice on the Washington Finance Officers Association website. A similar notice  can be found at the city’s website here.   (Thanks to an alert reader for bringing this to our attn.)

CFO/Director of Economic Development – City of Montesano

Posting Date:  01/07/2016
Job Title:  CFO/Director of Economic Development
Salary:  $85,000 to $100,000 DOQ
Entity:  City of Montesano
Closing Date:  Open Until Filled


The City of Montesano is hiring a CFO/ Director of Economic Development to support the growth and diversification of Montesano’s economy while providing, maintaining and developing all aspects of the City’s finances and budget.

Primary Duties

Job responsibilities include, but are not limited to:
(1) Providing information system and services to facilitate the capture, retrieval and utilization of data related in all aspect of development of the departments. The position plans, organizes, and directs the City’s financial functions including treasury management, budget development and management, data processing, general accounting, all aspects of financial reporting and analysis.(2) Development of work rules, performance expectations and appraisal review, correcting poor performance, investigating misconduct of employees and discipline; maintaining professionalism and accountability in city’s procurement operations by ensuring that only competent and trained individuals conduct all procurement.(3) The CFO will work closely with business leaders, allied agencies and economic development organizations within the city and across state organizations to include city tourism and promotion, expansion of existing activities, marketing effort and assisting new economic growth in all areas.


Requirements: Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration which includes public administration and related field of five years’ work experience in economic field. An equivalent combination of education and/or work experience may be substituted on a year to year basis. Preferred qualifications include a master’s degree in business administration/economics and a proven track record of attracting new businesses to the city. Salary range is $87,500 – $100,000.

Contact Information

Mayor Vini Samuel
112 North Main
Montesano, WA 98563360-249-3021


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Burke Lawsuit Dismissed

Hello. Big Dog here.

The Russ Burke case got dismissed. Dude who got fired for insubordination & tried claiming “wrongful termination” got bounced out on his backside.  City of Montesano 1; Burke & buddies 0.

Let’s see. Frivolous lawsuit filers, hate groups, defamers, stalkers, disgruntled exes, porn kings, cry babies, useful idiots, misinformation and disinformation campaigns, drive by media pile ons. Bunch of posers & punks tried building careers & campaigns on demonizing the mayor and whipping up anti-city hall furor. How’s that face plant feel?

Told you sheeple you’d been been had. Have fun kids.





You’ve been had Big Dog here.

At the store the other day. Heard that a Public Works employee blurted out the truth about that anti-city hall hate page on FB. Dude was havin a meltdown. Confessed that a certain ex editor started the page WHILE HE WAS “EDITOR,” ran it “anonymously” to whip up and keep up anti frenzy so he could run newspaper stories off it.

Yeah. Mr. Legend in His Own Mind made a career out of tearing up this town, stirring up hate. Used his “editor” office to shovel out crap with both hands so he could further his personal anti-city hall agenda. Egged sheeple on to file grievances and lawsuits against the city. He pit good people against each other. Turned our beautiful town into a sewer. Then blamed everyone else.  Even used a couple council members as patsies to feed him inside info. One resigned. All under cover of “professional journalist.”

Shoulda just moved on after getting canned. Gotten a life. But the cant. Not after the years he’s invested running hatchet jobs and hit pieces. So when he couldn’t use his “reporting” to shovel B.S. anymore, he had to get another site to keep it going. Yeah. Guess we all know just how much his “awards” are worth.

What a piece of it. Only bigger losers are the sheeple still following the dude.

You’ve been had people. Feel manipulated yet?

How The Syndicate sticks together

Syndicate Logo.svgHello. Big Dog here.

Sitting here reading last few Videttes.

Got to hand it to Dan Wood. He don’t know what he don’t know. The part in his letter to the editor about the city administrator hiring an attorney to “squelch free speech” of a “journalist”? Pure B.S.

That move wasn’t about free speech. It was about defamation. The attorney who specializes in that pointed it out and issued a cease and desist or else. “Journalist” boy was looking down a double-barreled lawsuit. Then he goes whining about free speech squelching. What a load of crap.

You don’t get to drag unelecteds names through the mud and run a smear, stalk and harass campaign with your buddy Ex Ed and then try to hide behind “free speech”. There are laws about that. “Journalist” boy got caught.

How’d Restoring Rust dude know about that lawyer’s letter? He wasn’t the subject. Not addressed to him.

See how The Syndicate sticks together? Clique politics man. We sure need more of that in this town. Yeah.



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