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Coming_for_You_by_The_OffspringThanks for joining us. Your on board with 100s of other readers who racked up about 5,000 views since last summer.

The busiest day of the year was October 22nd with 254 views. The most popular post that day was The last thing Montesano needs.

Burke Lawsuit Dismissed was the top post of 2015. You can read it here. Second place? A Tale of Less Witty.

2015 wouldn’t be complete without special recognition for a top referrer. Bouquets of gratitude & good will to Grays Harbor Fat Check for providing boatloads of free publicity. Thankyou kindly.

Happy New Year all!


Tricked for a treat?


Vini’s touting her Teamsters endorsement as a big waa hoo. What she didn’t tell you is that Teamsters also endorsed I-122, the so-called “honest elections” initiative. 

 See this from the Seattle Times:

Voters should not be swayed by I-122’s disingenuous catchphrase “honest elections.” The initiative resembles a textbook example of outside contributors and organizations using big money in an attempt to puppeteer local government.





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Champion of Free Speech?

The other day the missus asked something interesting. “Barts” says she. “How come some “champions” of free speech mean only for them? What’s with trying to silence disagreeing viewpoints? How many pages and perspectives and voices has Mr. Ex-Ed tried to shut down?  And that anti-city hall Facebook page he ran anonymously with a fake name while he was a ‘editor,’ urging people to sue the city? No wonder he got jilted.”

Sharp lady, the missus. Cutting through the crap.





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She’s Not the Only One

Guess Vini’s not the only one living in Fantasyland. Dan Wood is out begging for bucks. He says he wants “to be judged on how well I do in reaching these goals.” Like resigning from his school board seat? Resigning his county commission seat? Don’t forget about the farm bureau.

Let’s cut the crap. Has Wood ever met a “goal” he HASN’T bailed on?

Resign Early, Resign Often

Dan Wood for City Council

Fantasy Land V
Author Arild

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Vini says she’s not beholden to special interests. She’s running for mayor because she “loves Montesano.”

Cash Contributions for: SAMUEL VINI E

Total Raised: $7,199.08 Total Spent: $4,933.69
Total IE Supporting: $0.00 Total IE Opposing: $0.00
(Cash Contributions (Inkind Contributions (Anonymous (Personal (Loans (Miscellaneous (Small Contributions
$3,659.99 $530.87 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00 $135.00

Let’s cut the crap. The truth is. Vini’s being bankrolled by big labor, the Grays Harbor Democrats and outside money. If she loves Montesano so much why is she sucking up out of town $$$? What are Vini donors from Juneau, Spokane, Olympia, Anchorage, Bellevue, Long Beach and Palo Alto CA hoping to buy?


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