The Roundabout and Rest Area Blues

The Grumpy Old Men gathered again. Not as grumpy as usual. We talked about grumpiness, oldness, and such. We also agreed on a sign to replace the one down by the Hotel. I don’t remember the exact wording, but basically it says “Thank you,” to Mayor Samuel for her efforts to get rid of the planned roundabout and rest area.

Since the other sign was up for a while, we thought it would be the gracious thing to acknowledge and appreciate the change of heart.

That’s not to say that the area won’t be getting some upgrades. It will, and it should. We’ll probably still snivel about the details, but overall, the plan seems okay. We’ll find something else to complain about later, but the breakfast was pretty good so we all left looking momentarily like cheerful old men. That will probably change after we all realize that we probably shouldn’t have cleaned our plates. This too shall pass.

I think we’re all in agreement that senility will be a pretty smooth and painless transition, but that’s not really related to city projects.

“I’m not all that smart, talented, good looking, or athletic, but I completely forgot where I was going with this.” ā€“ā€“ Anonymous



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