For those of you who forgot about this little blog about Montesano, I just want to remind you about free Wi-Fi. You remember free Wi-Fi, don’t you.

Free Wi-Fi was going to be the next thing in attracting tourism and business and good will and lollipops and rainbows and unicorns and bubblegum to Montesano.

Those of you who keep up with things know those items never materialized in quantity. You almost never hear anyone say, “Gosh, isn’t this free Wi-Fi wonderful?” I don’t think I’ve ever heard it mentioned except by people who actually care about it except questions like, “Who’s maintaining it?” “How much does maintenance cost?” “Does it even exist anymore?” “Was the crazy old man right two years ago when he said it was total BS?”

I’ll be casting votes for Barry Iverson and Robert Hatley. That’s not based on anything against other candidates, but I’ve talked to both of them and they seem to think clearly. Mostly I agree with their thinking.

As usual, if I wasn’t right I wouldn’t waste my time on all this typing.


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