Roundabout/Rest Area

Hey! Who remembers Free WiFi? I do. Every time I go to Pick Rite I try to find it and log on to it. The results are not stellar. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn’t. Hey, it’s free right? I have a few questions, though:

Who makes sure the Free WiFi is always on, accessible, and useful?

Who maintains it at this degree of excellent operability and usefulness?

Who pays their wages?

Who buys the parts to fix it when it fails?

Who pays for the upgrades as the technology moves forward?

Who owns the tools and the vehicles that the maintenance crews use?

Who buys the gas for those vehicles?

Does the WiFi equipment need electricity? How much? At what cost? Who buys that?

How much money is coming into businesses of Montesano because of the free WiFi?

I have similar questions about the proposed roundabout and rest area projects.

I want to know what additional costs the city will incur as a result of committing to these projects. I also want to know what financial benefit the city will realize as a result of completing these projects.

I don’t want those answers in a private meeting. I want those answers published in a way that everyone can look them over. I want garbage collectors and CPAs and doctors and beauticians to be able to look at the numbers and assess their validity. I want lawyers and grocery clerks, and shingle sawyers to have them presented to them in a way that they can find without having to search for them, and in terms they can understand. This is 2017. Pretty much everybody has the internet in their pocket. Keeping things a secret is for surprise birthday parties, and wrapping presents. Secrets have no place in city government.





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