The New Merry-Go-Round

New traffic thingy in the south end of town? Where has the hue and cry been for such a boondoggle?

What’s it going to cost?

What will the economic gains be?

How will it impact businesses?

What will it bring the city?

Will anyone benefit from it? Who? Is the contractor doing the construction already a “done deal?” If so, what do we know about them?

How will it affect the businesses closest to it?

Why isn’t all of this published in the local newspaper? Why are these details not being publicly, proactively disseminated?

Why, if all this is known – if it is a “done deal” according to the mayor and city council – hasn’t the public had every bit of it detailed for them?

I may be a crazy old man, but I remember “transparency” being a major bone of contention during the last local election. And this administration was yelling the loudest about transparency.

Let’s see some.



One thought on “The New Merry-Go-Round

  1. Kristy

    It seems like the city is spending more and more. Is anyone asking for accountability from the Mayor? Pre-election candidates sure beat the heck of Ken Estes for much less.

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