What Is that Mayor Lady Doing?

nick_valentine_by_rosslaye-d9hqaz1Something isn’t right! I have been in to see the mayor of Montesano about three times a week for the last month.   She is NEVER there. Now I know that the lady runs a business where she is all up in everyone’s trouble but isn’t being the mayor a business?

That young feller they hired just doesn’t seem to do much but talk to the employees  the , fire chief, police chief , talk on his phone, work on his other contract business. (Why should he contract with other companies when he is getting paid so much?)   Just cause he can doesn’t mean he should. Neither him nor the office people know where the Mayor is.  I just want to ask about how much that free WiFi is going to cost me when Mr. Rich backs out, why she spent so much more money getting that boy to run the city, why she is buying forest land when she can’t afford  clerks, why she wants to use her state connections to build that park and ride and then be left holding the costly maintenance bag, develop parks when the city is so broke, but hey she is never in her office.

I think by the time we pay for that forest land and then she dumps the wifi on us, and the park and ride, and the soccer fields, that should just about sink us.  Of course she is looking at moving up higher in state government so she won’t be here but us long-time, fixed income residents will be eating dog food to pay for her schemes.

It looks to me like the city council should maybe check on who is really running the city, why the city manager is working for other people while sitting at his city desk, someone should check why he brings that apple laptop to work when the city don’t use them apples,   why they are committing us to pay for these wants of hers, and why no one is trying to rein her in.

Looks like the city residents jumped out of the frying pan and into the fire when they elected her.


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