Who has an Agenda?

Do you have an agenda?

Did you publish that agenda?

Do people plan to gather in your presence based on that agenda?

Maybe you should stick to that agenda.

You know. Honesty, integrity, transparency.

Otherwise people might not think you’re capable of agendas when they’re an important part of your job, and then – just maybe – they’ll decide they should get somebody into your job that can stick to what they say they’re going to do.

If you don’t do what you say you’re going to do often enough, people may decide it’s either because you don’t know how (incompetent) or you’ve decided to say one thing and do something else (dishonest). After a while, it has to be one or the other.

Note: If anyone directly related with land annexation, lynch mobs and character assassination of former mayors, and city sales of land in the last year – year and a half – or so is reading this, please join in the comments. Tom, Steve, Ken, Paul, Andrea, et. al. are all welcome to fill in the blanks. I look forward to a lively discussion.



2 thoughts on “Who has an Agenda?

  1. The main interest is in the comments of Ken and the people who worked for him honestly. Ashlee, Andrea. Also, hearing from Paul would be nice. He was in the middle of it all. I know enough about him to know he’s a decent man. I’ll bet his view would shed some serious light on the subject.


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