My boss says that she “loves Montesano.”  If that is true then why does she lie to the citizens?  She has told a whopper this time and she is going to get called on it BIG TIME!  I feel so sorry for her because she seems so out of control.  What would make her lie to the public?

Also, she is  running wild, a scatter brain.  Her associates say that she can hardly make a decision, she is late for all of her court cases, lots of mistakes, last minute action, knee jerk reactions, vindictive statements, and blowing procedures; of course no one knows why–but when she resorts to lies to cover up her mistakes, that is when we have to blow the whistle. That free Wifi is another story.  I told the boys we cannot cover for her anymore, not even once more.

I thought she would be different, and I guess she is… just not the way she promised.


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