We Know Who You Are

You’ve asked questions we don’t want to answer.

You’ve asked questions we can’t answer.

You may possibly have said accurate things that we didn’t want said.

You’re reading our words and documents and reporting them without them being officially filtered first.

You’re hiding behind a pseudonym just like we did when Monte Watchdogs was making ad hominem attacks on people – naming names and telling stories – several of those stories turning out to be false as a matter of public record. We dragged people’s names through the mud with unsubstantiated accusations. We’re so proud of what we did, we took the page down and made everything on it disappear. And still nobody knows our names.

We know who you are.


I know who I am, too. And I’m proud of who I am.

Nothing in “A Crazy Old Man” has accused anyone of anything. There are some apparent inconsistencies that need to be publicly cleared up, and some questions that need to be answered. There’s a difference between a question and an accusation. If there isn’t a good answer to a question, that might change things. No answer isn’t a good answer, and that question will keep coming until there’s an answer. Public answer. I don’t want my hand privately patted. I want an answer that convinces me that I and my fellow Montesano citizens have a city government that has OUR best interests in mind.

The reason for the pseudonym is because this isn’t about me. Making it about me will not improve the discussion. Facts and honesty will.

I’ve been to three county fairs, two hog-callings, and a goat roping. If you’re going to frighten me, bring a lunch.

Free Wi-Fi.




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