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Things develop over a longer time here – in the land of tree farms – than in other places. For instance, let’s say you were laid off back in March, and the whole reason you were laid off back in March is because of a budget crisis (back in March). Most places, that would be the reason you were laid off and that’s that. Side note: Budget crises in most towns the size of Montesano would get in the way of buying 320 acres of trees that don’t promise to provide any economic benefit for 12-20 years, but never mind about all that.

Things take a while to grow to maturity here in timber country, so the fact that you “attempted to delete city records” doesn’t really blossom until August or so, after the situation has had a chance to be fertilized by a lawsuit and a union grievance.

How do you “attempt to delete” something? Trying to shred it using a pair of blunt-ended kindergarten scissors? Fail to start a document fire because your matches are wet? Whiteout on the computer monitor? Furiously rubbing pages with a Pink Pearl eraser?

It’s good to see such cooperation between labor and management on crucial issues like, if the mayor we helped get elected doesn’t like somebody we’ll make the rules work out; everything on or in desks is obviously city property or it wouldn’t be there in the first place, so going through personal stuff, changing passwords on computers, and not giving dismissed employees a chance to clean out personal belongings is fine. Certainly they’ll need a police escort after hours because it’s a government building. The cleaning lady doesn’t need an escort, but dismissed employees are dangerous. After all, it’s practically criminal to be disliked by the mayor – especially if you liked the previous mayor. Shame on you bad old clerks. You should know better.

It’s a good thing we got rid of those expensive clerks. They were in the way of buying 320 acres of timber that will someday in the next couple of decades provide revenue. So take heart. Laying off a couple of dissidents was necessary to put together $1.35 million without shaking down fourth graders for their milk money.

Besides, you can look for work on the internet sitting on a bench in Fleet Park because Free Wi-Fi. Is that a thing yet?

Just remember Free Wi-Fi and smile and be glad.

Free Wi-Fi. It’ll be just like heaven would be if heaven had internet access for free.


12 thoughts on “News and Information

  1. Boy for a man that owns a burger buisness (GENE’S STOP AND GO) I would be more careful what i say or get the complete facts.. Your friendship with past administration has blinded you.. But go ahead and hide behind your fake name we know who you are Raymond.


    1. RYAN WATKINS Phrases like “I would be more careful” and “we know who you are” can be construed as making a threat. Why a public works employee would post something like that is bizarre. If anyone need 2B careful its YOU.


  2. Just out of curiosity: Is threatening local businessmen for saying things you don’t like an “official” or “unofficial” duty of your office? It’s important to know the difference, because if Gene’s Stop and Go starts to have trouble, this will be noted as the official beginning of that trouble. August 31, 2016 at 2124 hours. I’m sure they’ll be grateful for the heads up.


  3. Bandit1223

    Oh I see how this site works you guys can put anything you want and have no recourse but when I say something you dont like I’m a punk, making threats. I can construe that your post about porn sites, affairs etc is slander.. it goes both ways..


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