But Seriously, Folks…..

Excerpt from Dan Wood’s report on the most recent City Council meeting:

“City Council voted 7-0 to purchase 320 acres of timberland for $1.35 million. Land is valued at $1.5 million. It is adjacent to existing City Forest lands. This gives the General Fund an 8% interest in the forest, with the remainder being “owned” by the Water Fund. It will be a net expense to the General Fund for 12-20 years, but will then generate net revenue that can be used for streets, sidewalks, parks, police and other services in the General Fund.”

A lot of questions spring to mind.

  1. Where is the money coming from?
  2. Who valued the land at $1.5 Million ($4687.50/acre)?
  3. Who are we buying it from?
  4. Why is the seller willing to sell at a discount ($4218.75/acre)?
  5. Does the seller have any prior relationship with the current administration?
  6. What’s the nature of that relationship?
  7. Why are we buying it now?
  8. How, exactly will the land generate revenue?
  9. By what calculation does that projected revenue justify a $1.35 Million up front expenditure?
  10. How can we spend that much when it isn’t going to show a net gain for that long?
  11. Is there a spreadsheet that explains all the numbers?
  12. How does this expense line up with the recent dire projection of our budget?

I’m just wondering if there’s anyone who’ll ask these questions and publish the answers in a place where everybody can read them. You know, like a newspaper or something like that.

Reporting what the city government says without asking any questions isn’t news. It’s free advertising.



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