Free Wi-Fi


Free Wi-Fi is good. Free Wi-Fi is important. Free Wi-Fi will make things better and Montesano will be an oasis of Free Wi-Fi in a hostile Free Wi-Fi deprived world. All hail the Free Wi-Fi.

The Free WiFi will be available to everyone who comes to downtown Montesano carrying a device capable of communicating with IEEE 802.11. Someday.

Be  patient. We’re going to have it up and running in July August(?). Just you watch and see. Any minute now. Boom. From Del’s Sign Shop all the way to the Museum. Pioneer Avenue will be bustling with people staring stupidly at their phones and walking into traffic. The benefits will be incalculable.

The possibility that it will add a long-term infrastructure expense with all the economic benefit of a “Don’t Feed the Ducks” sign is just too cynical and mean to even consider.

Love the free Wi-Fi. It’s your civic duty.


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