Subtle Reminder


School starts in about three weeks. Does that sort of mark the end of Montesano’s peak season for ‘Tourism,’ and ‘fishing, hiking & biking?’

It seems pretty likely that the acceptable weather for wandering around oblivious to your surroundings, texting into a smartphone is not going to last much longer as we head to fall. The rainy season in this area is from about September until about June, for those of you who are new to the neighborhood. Drizzle puts kind of a damper on standing outside for no apparent reason. (Pun? What pun?)

Starting up a new system, like, say, a city-wide wireless internet connection is probably going to have hiccups and bugs and snafus. Nothing is ever perfect out the gate. So, if the ‘free Wi-Fi downtown’ is live on August 10th, it should be pretty reliable in time for all the tourists, bikers, hikers, and fisherman on Pioneer Avenue on Labor Day weekend.

No one should suggest money for Wi-Fi might have gotten spent elsewhere on hopes that it would be made up for going forward. Also, it would be foolish to think the cost of installation is significantly higher than the original estimate. Those kinds of thoughts are clearly cynical and unwarranted.

Everybody hold hands, close your eyes, and think happy thoughts.





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