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A little research shows that “Union Steward” can be rearranged to form “rotunda swine.”

The rotunda is the round part of a building that has a round part, like a capitol building and such like. It’s a good place to hang out for those who think the rules of employment don’t apply to them because they’re heroes of the labor movement. A hero of the labor movement has to keep an eye on the brass ring, and the brass ring is in the halls of power.

Some union stewards think only having two hands prevents them from performing their paid job. One hand must judiciously mete out blessings of collective bargaining to the favored. The other hand must be free to “conduct union business” on a cell phone that’s not allowed during work hours for the peons. Peons are those who do their jobs if the union steward doesn’t favor them individually.

On another note: It’s interesting that the friends of the current administration preach love and tolerance. “Don’t be so mean spirited.” “You people are such bullies.” “Let’s all get together for a big group hug.” Where were the bouquets and chocolate-covered cherries and Frank Sinatra records in the months leading up to the election – when the previous administration was being excoriated, brutally lied about, and their names being dragged through the mud? The word “hypocrisy” is so overused these days. Is there another name for it?


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