It’s August


So, we’re 8 months in to the new administration. Instead of lawsuits against the previous administration from employees accused of stealing city property and surfing porn on city computers, we have lawsuits against the current administration for laying off employees to save money from a different fund than the fund they were paid from and not even a suggestion of any wrongdoing on their part.

Are you a bad person for having discharged employees sue you, or not? That’s the question. Before the election, a lawyer who sues people for a living said that being sued made you a bad person. What about now?

Instead of a pending lawsuit against the city by a company that some people think should have been prosecuted for fraud and malfeasance, we have paid them off handsomely and everyone’s lawyer came out smelling like a rose.

And now, if you want a copy of the public record, you have to pay for it. Probably to help offset the savings from the (totally not political) laying off two clerks who were loyal to the previous administration and (not politically) hiring a CFO who made significant campaign contributions to the election of the current administration.

Free WiFi. Trust & sense of community. Let’s all hold hands and sing a little song. I get all teary-eyed just thinking about it.


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