I Am Mad Now by Ryebabe

hissCrazy Old Man made a statement about Hillary stealing from my wonderful boss Vini and I am mad. I have done some research and actually Vini stole the free WiFi idea from Hillary in 2015 when Hillary wanted to put extra money into infrastructure. Now I think Crazy Old Man better apologize. It was Hillary’s idea and not Vini’s. Vini has not had an original idea since she started running for Mayor. First she used an idiotic ex-editor to spread her untruths, and then there was a budding movie director who filmed her every step of the way, and then all of those people she had to pay back for the votes she bought. I think she has had a hard time paying back the people that she promised all that stuff in order to get their votes. Personally, I think Hillary will have the same problem.

Vini said she could never let that young fellow get elected or “things would be worse than ever.” Even though sometimes I get mad at her I know that she just can’t payback all of us. Anyway, just leave her alone. Also, if you could please stop attacking me, I just can’t help myself. Love you Vini.




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