Upon Further Review

Let’s see if this is correct. A company screws up a major project. The company sues the city and walks away with 250,000 dollars. The city, already dealing with a screwed up project, chips in 40,000 simoleons to the settlement.

At the time of the most recent election, the amount the city was potentially on the hook for was reported to be 20,000 dollars. How did that get doubled?

It was only a couple of weeks ago that there was much ado about the city budget being a mess and the new team fixing it. There’s nobody who will offer the advice to throw an extra twenty grand at a problem in order to fix your budget. Given that, there must be a better explanation.

Maybe the city could give something to the Vidette that explains why the price went up. Also, why did the city have to pay extra for a hosed-up project in the first place? Also it would be nice if that “South Bay” company could come and provide a short course on how to screw up, get paid, and then make everything somebody else’s fault so you can get paid again. This looks like a great way to sock away a few extra bucks.

If you’ve never participated you should know going in, the people who win lawsuits are lawyers. All the lawyers get paid handsomely. Everybody else loses. Everybody. In this instance, everybody in Montesano lost except the lawyers involved. We should know who they are for future reference.



One thought on “Upon Further Review

  1. P. Wadless

    Curious what law office handled this. There may be past and future conflict of interest cases. Montesano residents somehow duped themselves into electing a local attorney for a mayor. What about all the old and true sayings about lawyers and trust?

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