Just Baying at the Moon

There was something in the Vidette last month saying that there would be free Wi-Fi in town in July. That was the last time that particular whack-a-mole popped its head up. It’s the middle of July. Has there been any other reported sighting? Has anyone seen work crews doing installation? Has anyone heard a date for when the system goes live? Is there going to be a log-on page? Is the Aberdeen car salesman going to have an ad on the log-in page? How will the people of Montesano benefit from this? Who’s on first? What about little Nell?

Also, there’s a rumor afoot that there has been at least one candidate for public office in Montesano photographed naked voluntarily. That’s all the information that’s out there. Is there some connection between the existence of nude photographs of city officials and the delay of free Wi-Fi? Are those picture available? It’s a fair bet that downloads of the files won’t break the system if it’s Dan Wood or Chris Hutchings baring it all, but who knows what the concerns might be.

vinishitWorking together to get things done starts with good communication. Good communication starts with facts and information.

Talk to us. Seriously. Go to the Vidette and tell them what’s going on with this stuff. What’s being done to entrances and roads? What’s going on with ball fields and soccer? What things are being done to encourage more fishing, hiking, and biking?

We’re listening.


6 thoughts on “Just Baying at the Moon

  1. Rich Hartman

    Yes, the Grays Harbor car salesman is going to have a link on the log in page, along with other sponsors. If the “crazy old man” wants to pay me back the funds I made to the city, you could have a link to this page if you wanted, and I will bow out.


  2. Mr. Hartman, there is no animosity from this end. Your contribution to the City of Montesano is appreciated. The question being asked is, “Why are the terms of the deal shrouded in secrecy?’ Why has the City of Montesano not provided the business people of Montesano a full disclosure of the terms of the agreement? Montesano doesn’t know what it’s getting. We think we know that an Aberdeen business is going to get exclusivity for two years. We don’t know what your long term contribution will be. We don’t know what the City of Montesano will have to pick up as its part of the tab moving forward. We don’t know when it’s going live. We don’t know what it’s impact will be on business and infrastructure. All we know is “Free Wi-Fi downtown. It is good.” And we only know that because we’ve been told. We need more information.


    1. Rich Hartman

      I would feel that the simple document I signed is public record….I too am awaiting the “start date”. As far as being labeled an Aberdeen Business Person instead of a Grays Harbor Business Person, I would like to remind your readers that Montesano and Elma, and all of east county is my assigned business trade area for Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, Ram, Lincoln, Toyota, and Scion. If I don’t do a good job for the manufacturers in the east county area I get “heat” just like Mr Glick gets when he doesn’t sell enough Chevrolet’s in Montesano and Elma. I do appreciate the complexity of the free wi fi in Montesano, but I have to admit, I never would have guessed that my contribution would have stirred so much negativity. The good new is, I know deep down that people aren’t really mad at me, so I have continued to donate to City causes…..and as you will see, soon a new sign on the Montesano Gym will be up to replace the old and faded one, because I love Montesano, and I will do my best, with my customers help of course, to continue to donate to important causes that support the residents and other business owners in the City.


  3. Again, the main issue is a lack of dissemination of information. Montesano’s citizens and businessmen have not been proactively brought into the loop on the decisions that have been made or the process by which they’ve been made. We don’t know what company is providing the equipment, the signal, the bandwidth, the installation, the maintenance, or the upgrades. We don’t know how long your contribution will last, nor how much will be required to maintain the system over the long haul. We don’t know what our contribution will have to be to that. City Council meetings have not illuminated the realities of the “free” Wi-Fi system. There is no doubt that your participation is entirely positive and with the best of intentions. That doesn’t change the fact that the City government has not filled Montesano in on any details. You aren’t the target of my angry rants. I apologize if it seemed that way. The issue is that there has been no real attempt to publicize the information we need.


  4. Frankly, all we’ve been told is, “Free Wi-Fi is good. Free Wi-Fi is our friend. Love the free Wi-Fi.” If there have been any studies done to prove the benefits, document the value, state the preparations that need to be in place and how they’re being implemented, state the expenses that need to be prepared for, we haven’t had them presented to us. Will there be more people in town? If not, what’s the point? Will the additional people burden our infrastructure? Will they create more waste? Will they buy anything or just be freeloaders on our system? Will we need more police? Is this just a good way for us to bring some of Aberdeen’s issues (poor druggies) east? In short, where’s the cost/benefit analysis? I know for sure that I haven’t seen it. Given that these questions have been asked here and elsewhere for the last year or so with no concrete response, no one else has seen all the answers either.


  5. Patrick Wadless

    Unsecured open source protocol on public WiFi is very risky to use. People that can not afford wifi will certainly enjoy it regardless of risk. Tourists, can afford wifi and have their own secured wifi on their mobile devices. Tourists don’t want or need risky public wifi. Boondoggle, big time.


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