Three Hours

The Vidette said there was a lunchtime barbecue for Grays Harbor County employees. The barbecue got over at one or one-thirty in the afternoon. Management gave the employees the rest of the afternoon off without making them clock out or whatever they do. They took three hours off and still got paid for those three hours.

They got feted for lunch. They probably spent more than their whole lunch hour eating barbecued potluck groceries and listening to speeches. There wasn’t much going to happen after that, barring an emergency related to them all going back to work.

Some folks who apparently don’t know what it’s like to earn a days wages are up in arms because some people who weren’t going to accomplish much this afternoon anyway went home to accomplish not much for three hours. I’m guessing that most of the people complaining wouldn’t be missed if they took more afternoons off to get out of the way of people who have things that really need to be done.

Three hours of paid relaxation isn’t a huge deal. The county employees who weren’t at the barbecue might get their undies in a bunch, but only if they don’t think it looks like management has taken a good turn and other things might improve.

This might be some people making a mountain out of a molehill. It would be a more credible mountain if they at least waited until there was a real molehill instead of making one up.


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