Guess Who?

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You know that at Cut the Crapola we report strange things that happen anywhere in Grays Harbor. But even we are surprised by the following gossip or truth in the county capitol:

Serial cheater finally kicked out of his house.  I don’t think he will be getting back in any  time soon. Living in a tin box. Mother in-law/bill payer might not take kindly to him  cheating on her daughter again with someone young enough to be his daughter, and fishing off the company pier.

Serial divorcer/run around is going down for the count again.  His ex-wife is exceptionally pretty and smart.  Just goes to show NO CLASS on his part. AGAIN

Serial abuser caught on camera with NOT wife woman while winning big at the                         casino?  Who does that?  Divorce pending.

Serial liar and trouble maker. Health nut wife not around much? 

What do they all have in common?  Come on very easy to answer. Serial unpaid house payments? Serial car loans unpaid? Serial resentment? Anger? Disappointment?    Ding Ding Ding leave your guesses here……   


2 thoughts on “Guess Who?

  1. Pat Wadless

    As embarrassing as it is, I must confess that it may be me. I am guilty of all the accusations, but
    some doubt exists in that my ex wife is definitely not pretty nor smart at all. How could she be right?


  2. It’s reasonable to separate one’s personal life from one’s public life, and we shouldn’t get too terribly concerned if a public person has some struggles. If a person in the public spotlight waves his junk around like a new flag, though, he should expect to be examined. Call it “judgment” if you want, but decisions should be made about a person’s acceptability for public office. The job requires a degree of discretion, and if you’re flaunting bad behavior that’s the opposite of discretion.


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