Keep it Classy

vinishitThe City Council Meeting minutes have been brought up-to-date on the City of Montesano’s Site. That’s a nice thing. Thank you, Mayor Samuel.

There’s another, more emotional version posted on social media. Is that going to be a standard embellishment? It seems like posting the minutes on the city’s site is enough. The post on Facebook isn’t attributed to anyone, but it claims to be a “City Council Report.” It appears to be posted by someone who has site access to post city business.

Anyone who wants to know what’s going on in our little town can find that Facebook page and get a glimpse. People who own or want to start businesses looking for a place that will be beneficial to them can see how our city government behaves. People looking to move to western Washington for a new home can see what to expect from the city from that page. We all will be better off if that view is as good as it can be. Show a little class, please.

Class is respect for your predecessors. Class establishes success and quietly moves forward doing the job you said you could do when you were campaigning for the position. You did spend a lot of energy getting the job you have. That kind of class is what we small town folks want rebuilt in our “sense of community.”

You won the election. That game is over. Continued disrespectful language toward your predecessors is not a professional approach to city government. A social media rant that points fingers gets filed under “Not Classy.”

Grow up.


4 thoughts on “Keep it Classy

  1. I haven’t actually talked to him in person, I don’t think. He seems like a nice enough man from our online conversations. “Nice person,” and “competent councilman” are different characteristics, though.


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