Hard to tell if anyone reads these little diatribes, what with the dearth of comments. If there’s a suggestion box anywhere at City Hall, though, feel free to drop this into it.

It would be nice for those of us who can’t regularly attend meetings to be able to see what actually happened, instead of just what the Vidette considers highlights. Not that the Vidette doesn’t do a yeoman’s job covering city business, there’s a spot on the city’s page for City Council meeting minutes that’s been stagnant for three months.

One idea is to hire a clerk to update the minutes on the website. There are a couple of them in the neighborhood who already know where the coffee pot and rest rooms are. Either one of them would probably be pretty easy to train.

If there’s some reason why the meeting minutes can’t be made easily accessible to the public, that reason should be made public at least.



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