What’s so sensitive in the business of the City or Montesano that requires the City Council to go to an executive session over the selection of a council member? Particularly when the two candidates seem like genuinely nice, rational, intelligent people.

I’m wondering if someone close to the situation has an STD or possibly a family member who collects coins and stamps. There must be something terrible that has to be hidden from the citizenry of Montesano to have to call an executive session to choose between a community volunteer and a retiring career school teacher.

I’m frightened. What is so horrible that they have to hide from the public and discuss it in a closed session? The paper said there was a motion to select Ms. Benedict to the position, but the lofty “powers that be” had to meet in private to come to that conclusion. What’s the secret being hidden? Is there something sinister about one or both of the candidates that we don’t know? Why couldn’t it be discussed in the public forum?

Maybe there’s a pompous horse’s ass involved.

Maybe it was just – oh perish the thought – bullshit.

Lord help us.



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