Just Wondering…

About a year, year and a half ago all kinds of mean things were being said about our mayor at the time. It was all over the place. There were online videos and there was stuff in the paper, all about how Mayor Estes was lining his pockets selling the city, lock, stock, and barrel to his corporate cronies in backroom deals over cigars and scotch. That’s how it sounded, anyway.

He fired good public servants for minor infractions as though there were something  wrong with stealing city property and surfing porn sites on city computers.

The evil bastard even had the nerve to have lawyers file lawsuits against him, as if they didn’t have better ways to spend their time.

The new administration promised to restore a sense of trust and community to our little town. The new transparency can be easily be seen by taking a quick look at the city council meeting minutes. As long as you’re feeling up-to-date by knowing what happened in April, that should be all you need.

There was also a lot of talk last year about something to do with some riverfront property related to all that corporate cronyism. At the time, reading local media and internet, it sounded like the scene from Frankenstein where the townspeople were at the castle with pitchforks and torches. Seems like that issue went away. Is there anything new or interesting going on about that?

It seems like the last news report said the deal was all done within the law. Is that true? Where did all the critics go? Was there ever an apology to Mayor Estes for dragging his name through the mud?

Just wondering. “Trust,” and “sense of community” must mean different things to different people.


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