Who is That Guy at Montesano City?

clerkHave any of you been to the City of Montesano lately? Well there is a guy standing at the counter where previously some really fun women have been.  Each month I looked forward to seeing them when I pay my water bill. They are kind and asked about my family, fishing, and visited with me.  I was told by some of the guys at the city that these women were terminated.  What a joke.  Is that guy supposed to take their place?  He looked like he could barely answer the phone.  I hope to high heaven that he is not that $130,000 CFO that Vini hired.  If so, the joke is on all of us who pay his wages.


3 thoughts on “Who is That Guy at Montesano City?

  1. They must have liked the male gender better. When we girls went in they were not to be seen took their sweet time coming to the counter with a very “bothered” expression. I guess you(who ever) you are were special. I do not know who the “guy” now was for you but I do know our new CFO is a very nice man and gave up a awesome job to work for our community. Obviously you do not understand what you are writting about.

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