What a Difference a Week Makes!

It is funny how Mayor Vini Samuel made herself a victim and tried to grab all the pity Related imageand attention while speaking of the recent layoffs at Montesano. Although no mention of the clerks feelings, A quote taken from the April 27th edition of the local Vidette speaking about the layoffs: “It was pretty miserable. I went home — and I was not supposed to go home, I was supposed to go to work,” Samuel explained. “The decision has to be made on the budgetary level for positions, but the reality is it’s a person.” Roll forward to today.

One of the Deputy Clerks was recently “laid off” by Mayor Vini and informed of this decision by VINI over the phone two days after surgery. She has suffered a severe setback in healing time. At no time did she receive a layoff notice from the City of Montesano, other than the highly inappropriate call from Vini.

After a doctor’s appointment, the clerk notified Mayor Vini that her doctor had not given her clearance to return to work until May 31st.  The warm and caring Vini as portrayed above immediately told her to come and get her personal items and that Doug Streeter would talk with her.  She then received an email from CFO Doug, and was informed that a police officer would stand by while she picked up her belongings.  Just when we think this self- serving, special interest group of political hacks cannot get any worse, they do.  (See the attached document.Vinivengence)

Vini ran on a promise of: “The citizens of Montesano need better,” Samuel wrote in a letter sent to The Vidette. “It doesn’t have to be this way. We need to rebuild the trust between city employees, management and city council and with the public.” (As printed by the Vidette).

What she meant was that everyone who supported her would be treated fairly, and restored to their glory days of zero accountability. Those who did not support her campaign are “laid off, responsibilities reduced, mistreated, and once again the thugs, borderline personality disorders, and the entitled are currently running Montesano.

#RecallVini Vinivengence Click here.


3 thoughts on “What a Difference a Week Makes!

  1. Ken Estes

    When a person is out on sick leave and told she was terminated on the 20th and the Doctor said she would be out to the 31st, can the employer put her on vacation/comp time/etc. I would think she would be out on medical leave (even if unpaid) and her accumulated days would be paid in cash. Also I thought she was originally told she was out on June 1. Looks to me like they are shafting her out of a weeks’ worth of medical leave. Just doesn’t smell right. Is there a re-call effort or just words?



  2. crazyrunnerlds

    That was my sister. With a car payment, a mortage payment, 5 children to feed and clothe, and a life to live. Now she is suffering from cruel amounts of stress. My sister cried so hard on the phone, BEGGING vini for her job that she started to burst stitches from her surgery, stitches that without insurance, she could no longer afford to have replaced. Vini was cold, calloused, and told her that there was nothing she could do to save her job, not a pay cut, not a cutback of benefits, nothing.


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