Me Think She Doth Protest Too Much-Again!

I am one employee that is frankly tired of protecting Ms. Samuel. In a recent article of the Vidette (of which Vini claims she owns the Editor), Vini made the quoted statements below.  There are factual documents linked with her statements that do not pass the smell test, available by link.  Make up your own mind.

Vini said: “The carpet was ordered before I walked in — it was chosen and ordered,” the mayor said. “I resent the ongoing comment about the stupid carpet, and I should probably not use the word stupid, but I’m going to say stupid because I had no control over that carpet, and that cost around $7,000 and that was not chosen by me and wasn’t approved by me.

“I don’t know how much the paint cost, I think it was $500, and the wall (a wall was removed from City Hall) was around $900,” Samuel said. “That is the extent of the improvements that were made under my watch, in January and February.”

A public records request made by The Vidette showed the city had spent an additional $2,000 for public works employees to work on the remodel.”  Taken from the Montesano Vidette

The author of Conservelocity a local blog also did a public records request.  It seems that once again Vini is trying to confuse and muddy the waters so the citizens are not privy to the truth. If you read these posts below you will see that rather than being “Stupid carpet”, there are visible, documented costs.  Vini will never admit that redecorating may be fine on the grand scale but for a struggling city it is excessive.

Vini let me get this straight. You received a copy of the budget in the fall and yet you had no idea what was in it?   Please read the update on that one below.  Why don’t you try for the truth next time?


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