Winner of Biggest Crapola to Date!

In the halls of CUT THE CRAPOLA this article may be an award winner:

Recently Mayor Vini Samuel of Montesano and CFO Doug Streeter decided to “save $200,000” by laying off two clerks as stated in the local paper, the Vidette. The paper printed a lengthy article supporting their difficult decision. Cue weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth. The problem is the numbers just don’t add up.  The General Fund which is the one the Mayor references as problematic would save $21,355.92 by laying these two clerks off. (The two recently unemployed clerks are only funded in the General Fund at 10% oftotal.) The administration has now decided to cover the terminated clerks work with an existing position. The General Fund will have to pay more money from a different fund to cover the work of the “laid off” employees. Next they are saying the police clerk who was originally laid off will  now continue to work part-time in the police department which still leaves her wages almost entirely in the General Fund.  So instead of saving any money it will cost them additional General Fund dollars.That isn’t even calculating the self-insured aspect of the City that will make them pay every dime of unemployment and re-training costs times two. Wow now that’s thinking.

Let’s cut the crap. Even the Vidette should be ashamed of printing that sorrowful piece.  You forgot to mention the clerks, or don’t they matter?  Things like their insurance, six children, homes, livelihood, but the editor could feel pain for Mayor Vini as she had to “go home”

Quoted in the Vidette from Vini:  “It was pretty miserable. I went home — and I was not supposed to go home, I was cryvini.jpgsupposed to go to work,” Samuel explained. “The decision has to be made on the budgetary level for positions, but the reality is it’s a person. And that person has a mortgage, and that person has a family, and they need to figure out how to do summer camp, and how to make sure they have clothes for the next school year, and things like that.” (Really Vini “summer camp” and “clothes”  when they are trying to feed their kids?)

“It was the worst day I’ve had in my career” Streeter said. “I’ve been laid off before, but I’ve never had to lay someone off.”  Doug? You never fired anyone at the PUD? What a crock.  This is not a budgetary savings but a political ploy to get rid of people that supported Mayor Ken Estes.

Vini once told all of us in public works that “everything I do is political.”  I guess this proves it.  Vini and Doug may be distraught but the employees, the two clerks, and the Citizens of Montesano deserve better.


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