Thankyou guys for letting me post again. I’m sorry for using bad language in the past and I won’t do it again. Thanks for letting bygoenes be bygones. But stuff’s going down in city hall. Don’t look for it in the newspaper.The new mayor don’t want you to know. Like how she’s gonna pay for “free” WiFi by getting Rich Hartman to pay for it and getting free advertising in return. You scratch my back I scratch yours. You know that Rich gave $300 to her campaign?That must’ve gone a long way. Bet Whitneys will love this.

Yea, man. Look for an opening on city council.Pat Herrington is resigning. What do you bet an ex campaign manager or another Vini bud gets appointed?Life is beautiful with Vini in the corner office. Thanks again. Love,Ry




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4 thoughts on “LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL

  1. Rich Hartman

    My company is more than happy to allow Whitney’s to write a check for over $10,000 to sponsor the proposed free public wi fi in Montesano if they would like. Montesano happens to be my franchise area for Toyota, Scion, Lincoln, Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge and Ram, and we are always looking for ways to help Montesano. There have been many times people from Montesano have asked me for a donation, and just as many times I’ve told them to ask Whitneys first, and then come back to me if Whitneys said no. They always came back, and we usually helped in one way or another. This wi fi was just another example of something I have been thinking about on the Harbor for over 10 years, but the price was never in line until now. No different than the 3 years I have been working on getting electric car charging stations in every town in Grays Harbor to increase Eco tourism. I just haven’t been successful yet, except for the one I funded in Aberdeen at my store. So, no actual conspiracy here, sorry.

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    Not understanding why Rich Hartman was approached first over Monte businesses, or why Whitney’s has to cough up or else. Seems counterproductive to Vini’s plan for downtown Monte business growth if she’s going to strike up deals with out-of-towners. This is hardly a donation, this is a paid advertising deal with a financier of her own campaign promise. How’s Streeter working out for ya, Vini? You know, the guy your “impartial consultant” Dick Stone recommended for hire as CFO? You remember Dick Stone, right Vini? The other guy who contributed to your mayoral campaign…


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