We Love Vini!

public domain

Thanks for letting me post on your page.  At first I disagreed with some of the things that were being said but you kept on asking for opinions and are open to comments.  I will admit that I have been blocked a few times for using bad language but I trying.

The crew is so happy to have Vini Samuel as our new Mayor in Montesano.  She is such a breath of fresh air. The old administration insisted that we work all of the time.  They took away our computers, tracked where our trucks were going, even fired some people for using leftover products.  How unfair were they? “But luckily nobody was surprised they did this and we battle through it like we did the last 4 years.”

We are so glad that Vini has turned a blind eye to those outdated ethics.  She wants us to love her and boy do we.  We hope to have one of our own bulldog guys as our new boss very soon.  So glad we got rid of the old Mayor.  It took some doing but Vini bought our votes with pure promises.  She is really paying us back for our votes.  She is a woman to count on and we are looking at four years of the goode old days.


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