Transparency Vini? NOT!



Mayor Vini Samuels, wannabe councilmen and women mercilessly mocked  Ken Estes and the sale of the river front property to a local developer.  They never let up, provided false videos, editorials, even put a puppet on council to continue their mockery, they kicked him out of office, but wait…

Ms. Vini Mayor comes along and knows in advance that a major employer is leaving Montesano. Does she say anything?  Nope.  She spends her time redecorating when she isn’t manipulating the editor of the Vidette.  She often states that she plans on keeping the press her “best friend.” Clearly, not a new practice for this  lady.

After the City put so much money into protecting that land did the new mayor do anything to try and keep the mill? What will she do with all that land?  (She has ideas, wait till you hear them.) Were any meetings held?  Will the citizens ever know the truth, or should we just swallow the loss of a hundred family wage jobs?  Wow Vini, in your unsuccessful effort to paint sunshine and blow rainbows, what color will you paint this one?



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