Manga kid head vector illustrationAttention Montesano. Gone are the days when you can count on semi-drool-free nutterings from a blogger operating in our fair city. This is because a legend in his own mind is here to single-handedly save us from the Vidette even tho he can’t spell worth a rat’s butt. Yah, the same OCDer who gave you fake endorsements, declared war on the Vidette, urged you to boycott the harbor and shop Olympia and floated jihadi bus tours is now doing what he’s tizzying about the Vidette doing~begging for bucks to fund his delusions of grandeur. Yes friends for the low, low bargain basement price of just 10 thousand smackeroos you too can help our favorite Montesano nut job get a day job and his very own office space! Donate before midnight and get free ice cream in Fleet park!

We have close to 200,000 views a week. Candy… want to sell more food with a flair? Tom… want to move more affordable hand-crafted Victorian reproductions? Advertise with us! We have plans. If you have plans or office space to let dial 1-800-NUT-CASE. Zoloft contributions welcome. This offer good for one week. After that it turns into a pumpkin.





public domain foto


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