A Little Grace Goes A Long Way

Wikimedia commons

Here is a great article from Forbes “who can argue with that” magazine, that I think you (Vini) aught to take a gander at. When a Co-Worker Takes Credit For Your Work.

You appear to have enlisted the help of someone who didn’t quite make it to the mayor seat to help you figure out how to help you follow through all the fluff you promised while taking credit for all the work your predecessor actually did. Then my suggestion is to swallow your pride and seek the advice of someone who is actually qualified to assist you and then, dun-dun-duuuun…give him some credit for his work. Gasp! I know. Or just keep going on vilifying good folks and see how well all the characters who have been the center of mischief can be of use.

We all know you are counting on the uninformed, but what happens when they slowly become informed? It doesn’t take a genius to figure out 4 weeks in office (well, 3 including your vacation) could not possibly produce what you are claiming credit for. A little grace goes a long way.


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