Silly wabbit!

7992616742_a832235618_oYou know who you are.
Silly wabbit, You are addressing the wrong people. As far as BS, if you regard COURT DOCUMENTS as BS, you have bigger issues than blindly shooting in the dark and publicly defaming the innocent… AGAIN I MIGHT ADD.

3 thoughts on “Silly wabbit!

  1. I probably won’t comment often, to begin with. I’m kinda new to Montesano politics. I’m also kinda new to running a hamburger stand, but I’ll figure that out eventually, too. I’m trying to learn both at the same time. I read the rules. I’ll be nice. This particular post doesn’t mean much to me. I don’t have a back story, so I don’t know anything about any of the players.

    I wasn’t even mildly interested in local politics until I saw campaign signs promising expensive stuff, and nothing in any newspaper explaining how that stuff would be paid for. No government has any money that it doesn’t take from its constituents, so as a new constituent I was interested in knowing where the money was coming from. And then, Shazam!, I’m involved in the election. C’est la vie.

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      1. Don’t count on me to initiate anything. I’ve been predominantly housebound for a couple of months, and completely immobile for the last couple of weeks. The recovery is underway, but my perspective of Montesano has been through windows for the most part since late September.

        You can call me anything you want, ‘COM’ works. I’ve been called worse by people qualified to make the assessment. As I learn more about what’s going on, I’ll be more willing to comment. The sense of humor here is enjoyable to read. It’s always much more soul-satisfying to smile while kicking somebody’s ass.


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