Lyle Responds

Hello. Big Dog here. Got this response from Lyle. Thought you’d be interested. Mr. Powell writes:

“Thank you very much for  forwarding  me a copy of the comments made by someone without enough integrity to identify himself/herself.    Please read the posts that were forwarded to me:

“So your wife is still getting money from the city & you sit there in Utah spewing this BS? Fun times!

Hey Lyle. You f***ed up buddy. Everyone knows it’s you now 🙂 and you’re saying this shit as your wife is still under contract with the city? In Utah??? Ha ha ha Better hope we can’t prove your wife had anything to do with this or her career is OVER.”

Obviously you are an idiot.  When I left the city limits I did not look back. I enjoyed the council relationship, but unlike you, I can move on.

I met with Vini Samuel and wished her the best, and I meant it.  My wife is working to help her until her replacement is found. I consider your stupid statement a threat and I want you to be very careful how you threaten my wife.  We do not want to be involved with Montesano drama.  Unlike you I have never written anything that I did not sign my real name to.  Leave me and my family out of your idiotic games. Whatever you think you know, you don’t.

I would like to thank Big Dog and Cut The Crapola for offering me an opportunity to respond to your inaccurate comments.  Because you are not man/woman enough to sign your name I can only guess  who you are, but unlike you I won’t make false accusations.  My suggestion to you is get a life of your own, wish the City well and move on to your own life.

Lyle Powell”


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