Monte city hall cookbook now on sale – ’50 Shades of Gravy’

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHeard about the cookbook coming out of Monte city hall? You wont want to miss “50 shades of gravy.”  Featuring such mouth watering recipes as:

Dan’s Bait n Switch Stew.  Tastes like Council seat, smells like Mayor.
Tyler Truffles.  So light it feels like eating nothing at all.  It will stab you in the back if eaten to excess.
Compton Crudites for the ex editor on the path to no where.  Served with crusty bread bites that dodge any semblence of truth.
Russ’ Sticky Fingers and Rice
Niki Nests just looking for gravy from the new pro-tem to make sure she colors inside the line, or where he says…huh Dan?
Ashlock Artificial Angel Food Cake. Extra  spite in every byte!
Burke brew. Takes bait, less filling.
Candyed Yes ma’am Yams. Don’t let a bankrupt spice bin hold you back… bland is the new rich with this dish.
Pay Back Fritters  give those you bought a wad of flour fried in grease and move on.
Tavern  2 – Step Turnovers. When your feeding your cronies might as well dance

Don’t forget:

Coronation Cookies. Bet you cant eat just one.
Ryans Rye Bread. 100% tasteless!
– CFO – Candy For One on the taxpayers dime

Watch for sequels “Baking Bad”, “A Turkey In Every Crock” and “The Snacking Dead.”

To order your very own copy of “50 Shades of Gravy”, dial 1-800-Free-WiFi.




Photo Wikimedia Commons/CC


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