A Tale of Less Witty

https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/3/36/MiniHouseOfCards.jpgWith all …eh-hem… due respect, Tom, I halfway understand your attempt to make it appear as though there are only a couple of “out of town” people against your successful smear campaign and consequent “house of cards” at city hall.

Does trying to marginalize citizens who realize 90% of the costly troublemakers were dancing with each other at a local tavern last week celebrating a fictitious coup make that second cup of kool aid go down a little smoother?

You are correct in feeling the call to damage control with your recent post.

After an impartial court slammed all accounts of the “injustice” you have been spinning to anyone and everyone who will listen to you as a completely unfounded waste of time, costing Montesano citizens big bucks, I would think a little scrambling would be in order. Well done.

As to directing those that give you ear to disregard their own eyes- eyes that have been witness to MANY a local citizen voicing opposition to the characters you support-, that is your business. However, pointing fingers in a “wag the dog” attempt to blame a loss on those that have been proven to report a more accurate version of events than you, is like blaming the library for providing the fuel necessary for the fire your friend Ex-Ed poured the gas on and egged you on to strike the match. Essentially, your cistern holds no water.

The current defamation lawsuit smoking on your desk would imply the possibility that you may not be the most trusted source for character assessment and judgment; I’m just sayin’.

In the spirit of the season, let’s just agree to not agree and watch as things unfold. It is Father Time who ultimately knows who’s naughty or nice and who eventually forces the hand of every card holder on the table. Cheers.


Creative Commons image; by Arealast


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