A Monte-ish Thanksgiving

Mmmm…. smell that? It’s the smell of pumpkin pie and visiting relatives. Boy those kids grow up to be teens faster than you can say “deodorant,” don’t they?
Nothin like a full house with your kinfolk and some good eats to make a feller grateful. So here are a few things I like to give thanks for:

I’d like to thank my vets and the good Lord too. My friends are many, my foes are few.

Grateful for real reporters who investigate real stories, involving fake journalists who work political forays.

Glad I ain’t a lawyer…come on Judgment Day. Grateful that the turkeys haven’t had the final say.

I’m grateful for yams n hams n granny’s pies, grateful when I check my facts, my facts ain’t yeller lies… Thankful that not everyone’s so easily been had… grateful that I don’t still live with mom n dad.

Got my parking lot painted by a busy friend of mine with some left over paint from a handicap sign. All in all, been a perdy good year.

So as I sit down to my plate full of grub, I’m glad I’m not a gobbler in the “just desserts” club.

Happy Thanksgiving!




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