You’ve been had Big Dog here.

At the store the other day. Heard that a Public Works employee blurted out the truth about that anti-city hall hate page on FB. Dude was havin a meltdown. Confessed that a certain ex editor started the page WHILE HE WAS “EDITOR,” ran it “anonymously” to whip up and keep up anti frenzy so he could run newspaper stories off it.

Yeah. Mr. Legend in His Own Mind made a career out of tearing up this town, stirring up hate. Used his “editor” office to shovel out crap with both hands so he could further his personal anti-city hall agenda. Egged sheeple on to file grievances and lawsuits against the city. He pit good people against each other. Turned our beautiful town into a sewer. Then blamed everyone else.  Even used a couple council members as patsies to feed him inside info. One resigned. All under cover of “professional journalist.”

Shoulda just moved on after getting canned. Gotten a life. But the cant. Not after the years he’s invested running hatchet jobs and hit pieces. So when he couldn’t use his “reporting” to shovel B.S. anymore, he had to get another site to keep it going. Yeah. Guess we all know just how much his “awards” are worth.

What a piece of it. Only bigger losers are the sheeple still following the dude.

You’ve been had people. Feel manipulated yet?


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