How The Syndicate sticks together

Syndicate Logo.svgHello. Big Dog here.

Sitting here reading last few Videttes.

Got to hand it to Dan Wood. He don’t know what he don’t know. The part in his letter to the editor about the city administrator hiring an attorney to “squelch free speech” of a “journalist”? Pure B.S.

That move wasn’t about free speech. It was about defamation. The attorney who specializes in that pointed it out and issued a cease and desist or else. “Journalist” boy was looking down a double-barreled lawsuit. Then he goes whining about free speech squelching. What a load of crap.

You don’t get to drag unelecteds names through the mud and run a smear, stalk and harass campaign with your buddy Ex Ed and then try to hide behind “free speech”. There are laws about that. “Journalist” boy got caught.

How’d Restoring Rust dude know about that lawyer’s letter? He wasn’t the subject. Not addressed to him.

See how The Syndicate sticks together? Clique politics man. We sure need more of that in this town. Yeah.



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