Vini Samuel For Mayor!

File:Spiderweb.jpgNo one likes to admit when they’re wrong. But when you’re wrong, you’re wrong. Best to put on your big boy pants and admit it. So that’s what fellow contributors and I have decided to do.

We realized that what Montesano really needs in the mayors office is a partisan party hack with a string of quits and conflicts on her resume. What this town really needs is a mayor who’s beholden to union bosses, the Grays Harbor Democrats, out of town donors and special interests who don’t live or work in Montesano and can’t even vote here. What this town needs is a puppet who’ll say whatever her campaign tells her to in order to get elected. What Montesano really needs to “restore trust” is a divorce lawyer.

Who needs integrity or independence or decisiveness when you can get free juice and wi fi instead?

That’s why we proudly endorse Vini Samuel for Mayor. Ballots are due Tuesday.



Josef F. Stuefer


Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license.


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