“ENDORCED!! How cool is that?”

Big name endorsements are like knock-off purses. At a glance they are impressive, just don’t open it up and look at the label.


I’m not sure what’s more insulting, assuming I will be easily impressed or assuming I don’t have the discernment to take a peek inside.
So,when I saw the International Teamsters endorsement for a small town mayor hopeful (who incidentally is already having her mail sent to the mayors office. Nice.), my first thought was: bull you-know-what.


But just one quick google search confirmed the old adage, “all that glitters isn’t neccesarily Prada. This from The Washington Times:

The Teamsters pension fund has been struggling with severe shortages for years, even as the union continued to pour millions of dollars into political election efforts and Washington lobbying.
In 2014 alone, the union and its affiliates spent nearly $5.9 million on lobbying and political contributions, and one of its main legislative targets was passage of the pension reform law that finally gave it the right to start reducing benefits, according to the lobbying reports it filed with Congress.


Conservative groups have suggested the law passed by Congress last December was essentially a political payback from Democrats, who for years have collected the majority of Big Labor’s political donations and have now shifted the burden of union executives’ poor pension management to everyday workers and retirees.

(Double wow)

For instance, the Workforce Fairness Institute, an advocacy group that researches troubled collective bargaining and union situations, said there are a number of “attempts by Washington politicians to pay back their union campaign donors through bailouts of various forms. Legacy costs have many labor unions overextended and in need of a government relief.”

Did you get the “payback” part? Nothing is free! If you didn’t habla Ingles “all those words” as Vini likes to say, let me break it down for you real quick.


This endorsement and campaign contribution comes from folks who (in many people’s OPINIONS) spent workers money in order to cut pension, to spend more money to buy bailout favors so the tax payer can pick up the tab.


More from The Washington Times article:
“The MPRA has received stinging criticism from workers who spent decades vesting in retirement programs, and are furious their benefits are being taken to make up for union mismanagement.

Angry Teamsters workers have been organizing rallies across the country and speaking out in labor trade publications.”

Well, looks like you don’t represent ALL city workers, which makes it NOT “so sweet”.

Btw, you “city workers” do know Vini has told prominent citizens of Montesano, that she would have fired you all, right? Knowing that make this connection make more sense. You’ll figure out just where her interests lie, soon enough.

Yes, you may be able to pass this bag off as impressive and most won’t know (or care) any better. However, some of us can spot a Bologna & Bourke from a mile away.





CC BY-SA 4.0



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