Nacho FiestaAs for the big meeting at El Ranchon touted as such an effective exchange of ideas.  The ever honest Dan Wood said  about the event pictured “I attended a conversation and snacks event tonight with a candidate, who is running for Mayor of Montesano. It was a positive, vigorous conversation about sidewalks, economic development, cleaning up properties, open government, respectful government, parks, downtown, and much more.

It’s clear that people have lots of good ideas and are willing to share them if they are optimistic that someone will listen and consider what they have to say.

The group was quite diverse — young and …er…ahem… not AS young, liberal and conservative, Republican and Democrat (and neither).

It felt like COMMUNITY.”

OK I count 10 but maybe 11 with the camera person.  The Campaign Manager looks like she might fall asleep; Council Candidate looks like he swallowed a bad jalapeno, Sign Guy looks bored. Well attended?—lets fat check that.  People with diverse ideas?—lets fat check that.  Just proves that it doesn’t have to be true if you put it on Facebook.

P.S.  Visual endorsement of opponent-check the sign in the window!


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