Please read on.  Whoops.  I forgot to include this in my holier than thou rants as I continue to run down everyone but me, and my gang of “let’s take over Montesano group.”

IV. FACTS These charges incorporate the Report of Investigation and all of its exhibits by reference. Failure to file a Lobbyist Employer’s Contribution Report (PDC form L-3c) covering a monthly contribution made during September 2003, due by the 15th of the following month (RCW 42.17.180) The Respondent, WSFB, is a “lobbyist employer” as defined in RCW 42.17.020(29). WSFB was listed as the employer of seven lobbyists registered with the PDC for calendar year 2003. Those seven lobbyists were Steve Appel, Patrick Batts, Dan Fazio, Hertha Lund, Robyn Meenach, Mike Poulson, and Dan Wood.

A column in the October 2003 Farm Bureau News entitled “From the President’s Desk” included the statement:

“We also worked this summer with a coalition of business groups to get the initiative on the ballot. And the WFB Board of Directors recently committed $50,000 to get the word out about the terrible impact these regulations would have on jobs…”

WSFB said they were solicited by WAJKR to make a contribution to the I-841 committee, and approved the contribution on September 17, 2003. A review of PDC form C-3 filed by WAJKR on September 29, 2003, disclosed that the committee received a $50,000 contribution on September 24, 2003 from WSFB. Washington State Farm Bureau Notice of Administrative Charges – Case No. 04-309 Page 4 On November 14, 2003, WSFB filed PDC form L-3c disclosing that it made a $50,000 monetary contribution to WAJKR on September 22, 2003.

The contribution was hand delivered to WAJKR on September 24, 2003. The contribution was required to be reported by WSFB on PDC form L-3c by October 15, 2003. It was reported 30 days late on November 14, 2003, ten days after the November 4, 2003 general election. The contribution was not reported on behalf of WSFB by any of the seven registered lobbyists of WSFB (Steve Appel, Patrick Batts, Dan Fazio, Hertha Lund, Robyn Meenach, Mike Poulson, or Dan Wood). Thus, WSFB had a reporting obligation.1 V. CONCLUSION ƒ WSFB was an employer of seven lobbyists during 2003. ƒ

WSFB made a $50,000 monetary contribution on September 24, 2003 to WAJKR, the committee supporting passage of Initiative 841, a statewide initiative on the 2003 general election ballot. ƒ WSFB failed to timely file a monthly contribution report (PDC form L-3c) as required by RCW 42.17.180. The report was due by October 15, 2003. ƒ None of the seven registered lobbyists of WSFB reported the $50,000 contribution on monthly lobbyist expense report, PDC form L-2.



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