Public domain
Public domain

A recent flyer produced by a wanna be change agent states the following:

Vini Samuel-will work on job creation, downtown development, parks and rebuilding trust…All of this from an attorney?

Nikki Hutchinson King-will work on parks for multiple users, better communication and teamwork-…However, she won’t answer any questions or the phone.

David Skaramuca- will work on streets, sidewalks, infrastructure and working together as a team-BTW an ex City employee and cousin of EX-Public Work Supervisor wink, wink.

Dan Wood will work to eliminate conflicts of interest, lowering administrative costs, & open processes-the same guy that so annoyed a state legislator that he threatened to throw him out the window?  So open he forgot to report $50,000 in contributions?  wink, wink, again.

Ian Cope will work on open communications, cleaning up derelict properties around Montesano-Didn’t he move in next to one and then expect the city to clean it up?  Nothing wrong with that move….

Just remember that change doesn’t always equate with success.


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