Welcome to Chez Stefano

Chez Stefano proudly offers these specialty menu items:


Faux Fillet

Our choicest cut of beast, braised in Red Whine.

Accompanied by assorted Vini Veggies, lightly steamed and served on a bed of froufrou.

Eminent Ego

Wrapped in thin skin. With Petit Brussel Pouts.

Pompous Prig

With a nice side of Crumbling Credibility and Bias-Cut Red Beats

Fire-Roasted Fathead

On its own platter. No side dish needed

Hamachi Hato

Because someone has nothing better to do



Neanderthal Shishkabob

with Salade Sexiste

Topped with our Special Syndicate Sauce:
Vini, Nikki, David, Dan and Ian


Creme de Bull-ee

With a spritz of raspberry UnClair de Loon

Chez Stefano.

Where crap is always on the menu.

Wikipedia Commons


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